[wp-hackers] WordPress moving to PHP 5.3x?

Beau Lebens beau at dentedreality.com.au
Fri Jul 13 16:31:12 UTC 2012

> I could seriously see integrating KeyRing support into what we are building, but if we stick with 5.2.4 which is what we are learning toward, then the 5.3 requirement would be a non-starter.
> I'm curious, which specific 5.3 features did you use?  I scanned the code but I couldn't find anything obvious.  And are the PHP 5.3-specific features essential to the architecture or simply for convenience?  IOW, would a "KeyRing 5.2" fork be viable and maintainable?  Thanks in advance.

I'm not 100% sure to be honest. We develop on a 5.3 platform (both on
WordPress.com, and myself, on my personal site), so that's all I've
ever tested it on. I didn't intentionally *make* it 5.3, I have just
never tried to make it work on anything lower and made an effort to
use a bit more of a "modern" approach to developing it. It may well
work on 5.2, especially since I changed a few uses of late static
binding which were previously breaking things after a couple of people
reported it.

If you try it out and it seems to work, then great, I guess we can
remove that message :) I don't have immediate access to a 5.2 install
though, so I can't confirm that it does or doesn't work.


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