[wp-hackers] Custom Post Types or a Plugin

Aero Maxx aero.maxx.d at gmail.com
Fri Jul 13 12:56:21 UTC 2012

This question maybe OT so I apologise in advance if so.

I've been working on a lottery site as a hobby project which isn't live at
the moment and I'm wanting to include some statistical facts about the
individual numbers in the lottery games.

The urls would similar to http://www.domain/facts/([0-9]{1,})/ or

I'm not sure what the best way to go about this is, would it be best
advised to do a custom post type and put short codes into the posts to keep
the ever changing statistics update, this would mean I could put the custom
post type into the menu easily and have the individual games as a drop down
from the number facts pages.

Or would it be best to create a single page called facts have the short
code from a plugin inserted here and have the plugin handle everything, it
would mean I would have to use custom links in the menu to get the links
for individual game statistics. The only downside I can see is that I would
lose the blog style listing when viewing the number facts for an individual
game as the custom post type option would have an individual post per
number and game. So this option may not look quite as good or easy to read
and find and could potentially be more work and hassle for me to make it
look good.

The number fact page for an individual number would have some basic textual
facts and a graph also in the page.

What are your thoughts any help advice or suggestions your able to provide
would be most helpful!

Thank you

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