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Thu Jul 12 22:28:57 UTC 2012

Hello  Joaquin ,

I recently made a short tutorial for this but its turkish. I learn for my
new project ım coding now its like social artist database its like imdb but
for Singers.

Any way here is my tutorial

I'm gonna tell you little bit how its works.

first you need create custom post or posts you can see article how I add.

and for relationship you must add taxonomy.

for example ;

Singer (Custom Post)
Album (Custom Post)
Music (Custom Post)

And most important

Singer (Taxonomy)

with this structure you can get relational content how ? easy;

$args = array(
'post_type'=> 'music', // custom post slug
 'singer'    => 'eminem' // taxonomy slug
query_posts( $args );

with this code you can get musics for eminem. (if you dont know query posts
and wp query learn them important !)

for translate I have no idea I dont try that. I use WPML its works with
custom posts.

2012/7/12 Joaquin Rodriguez Montero <yojoaquin at gmail.com>

> Hi guys, could you help me out and shed some light over this stuff please?
> I have disciplines and cases post types. Both are linked via scribu's
> post2post plugin.
> Now I'm on Disciplines page and I have to link them to "Related Cases".
> When clicked it will take me to the page with cases of the selected
> discipline.
> At the same time on that filtered last page I have a list of disciplines
> that act as a filter. So I'm viewing "Integrated Branding" cases and on the
> sidebar I also have a list of other disciplines. How would you do it "the
> WP" way? "Easiest" solution would be to do it via query string but then the
> pagination wouldn't work well probably plus I'm using qTranslate plugin
> which adds "?lang=es" for instance for translated content..
> Any ideas?
> Thanks!
> Joaquin
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