[wp-hackers] 2 WP Instances with one database

Jeffrey Nolte jnolte at getmoxied.net
Thu Jul 12 21:09:36 UTC 2012


I am in the process of building a mobile template for a site and would like to run the mobile site off of the same database as the current live site. 

I have the following:

1. domain.com - this site is running a standard WordPress site 
2. m.domain.com - this site will make use of a mobile template (the content will never need to change here)

I know how to set symlinks for the wp-content/uploads folder and make all of the configurations for the server but am curious on how I would go about changing the domain name for the install as one will be using m.domain.com and the other will be using main domain. 

 Is there a specific way I can go about hardcoding the domain or another means of setting this up properly?

If there are any other suggestions to do the same thing going another route I am all ears.

Thank you in advance,

Jeffrey Nolte

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