[wp-hackers] Richer metadata for plugin versions

Mika A Epstein ipstenu at ipstenu.org
Wed Jul 11 17:55:04 UTC 2012

>> You should update any and all plugins immediately when there is an
>> update available, period.
> Really?

Yes, but remember there's a difference between 'should' and 'can.' You should change your oil regularly. You can't change it while you're on the freeway. As soon as possible, you should update.

>> I do not see it as a good idea to introduce anything which even
>> remotely suggests that it is okay to not update. It is not okay.
>> Update. Immediately. Always.
> So, why does WordPress not do that for you, if it's the only right policy?

There's a bag of worms. Chrome does it right, and many people would love WP to do that too. And others of us would not. It's been bandied about before, though. :)

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