[wp-hackers] absolute URLs in plug-ins and custom types

Mika A Epstein ipstenu at ipstenu.org
Fri Jul 6 14:06:30 UTC 2012

>> I don't like reinventing the wheel, or complicating my code to make something 'simpler' for a user who has to remember to do [home]\whatever\url
> (Psst, that's not a URL ;) )

I know that. You know that. My father has absolutely no idea. This is a man who writes amazing software, does math in his head that I can hardly grasp, and knows how farm anything.

He knows this: I go to a website, I copy the address. That's what I give you.

Relative URLs gives him options he doesn't need. I certainly could use 'em, and I'm the skill level who can and should, in certain situations. But for the beginners, man, it's just asking for trouble. :)

It's not a huge page when it's a problem. Moving everything from woody.com/agora to woody.com was a 2 minute fix, with a break to get more coffee in the middle. Heck, we even have plugins to help with that too :)

What would be 'easier' for that in-between dev, who is terrified of SQL, is a 'move WP' tool that does the mv and the sql s/r for you.

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