[wp-hackers] Thumbnail creation question

Diana K. C dianakac at gmail.com
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My coding skill is quite... lacking, but you gave me a hint: maybe we can 
create the image size on some conditions, avoiding the creation for all 
images sent...

You said:

> But, as far as I know, there is no option to specify an image size only 
> for featured images.

There is in Settings > Midia, but the creation will be for every image sent 
as always. I wish I could order a 2nd featured image based on the first, but 
for this file only.

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Hi Diana
I have the same request : I often use custom image sizes for my theme,
and those custom sizes are only seldom used. But, as far as I know,
there is no option to specify an image size only for featured images.

Instead of having each size created for each uploaded image, wouldn't it
be more clever to create the image only the first time it is needed ? I
mean, have a hook in wp_get_attachment_image_src and create the image
here if it does not already exists ?


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> I need to add an image size (I know there is add_image_size), but Is there 
> someway to prevent the new size be used for all images sent?
> I would like to have an image size for only the Featured image, not all 
> images I send, thus saving some server space.
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