[wp-hackers] Unit Testing

Mike Bijon mike at etchsoftware.com
Fri Jan 27 20:23:04 UTC 2012

The lack of unit testing resources, as Mike Schinkel showed, align with my
+1. *Any* unit testing work attention would be beneficial.

Based on both + & - responses about tests, part of catching-up in unit
testing will involve classifying unit tests better (such as: PHP tests, JS
tests, data model tests, etc).

As for documentation being important - it absolutely is. I would never have
started using WordPress if it weren't documented (in v1.5 that was
relatively-speaking to other tools). Documentation as a part of SoC is also
common. Students are required to report on their work, and public docs are
usually part of that. There are also instances where entire SoC projects
were to write docs (2009 Perl project, 2010 Scala project, and 2011 Point

Point being ... I'll back up any unit testing app to SoC, even if only to
document the current test resources. It would help in finding both
deficiencies and future projects.

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