[wp-hackers] How to let a servlet validate a wordpress session id?

Nop nopalot at iplace.at
Wed Jan 18 13:51:36 UTC 2012


I'm searching for a solution how to let a servlet:
1. validate a wordpress session id and
2. retrieve the corresponding wordpress user id.

So far, i see two possible solutions to this requirement:

1. Store the wordpress session id and userid in a database table and let
the servlet query the database. This looks like the simplest solution,
the only question is how can wordpress be convinced to store the
sessionid and userid in a database table?

2. Implement some kind of wordpress
plugin/protocol/IPC-mechanism/whatever to enable the servlet a way to
directly communicate with wordpress. Here I have to admit that I havn't
done any PHP programming yet, so the main question is how could this
approach be implemented? 

But maybe there's an even better/simpler solution. How would you solve
this requirement?
Any advice is welcome,
thanks in advance!      

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