[wp-hackers] New plugin: Groups - looking for feedback

Karim "Kento" Rahimpur itthinx at gmail.com
Mon Jan 16 13:43:18 UTC 2012

I'd love to get feedback on this from users and developers:

I've released the Groups plugin
http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/groups/which provides group-based
membership, capabilities and access control. It
integrates with standard WordPress capabilities and also allows to work
with application-specific capabilities.

If you're interested please take a look at its current features, give it a
try and let me know what you think. Here's a summary (there's more but
please read that on the plugin's page):

User groups

   - Supports an unlimited number of groups
   - Provides a Registered group which is automatically maintained
   - Users can be assigned to any group
   - Users are added automatically to the Registered group

Groups hierarchy

   - Supports group hierarchies with capability inheritance

Group capabilities

   - Integrates standard WordPress capabilities which can be assigned to
   groups and users
   - Supports custom capabilities: allows to define new capabilities for
   usage in plugins and web applications
   - Users inherit capabilities of the groups they belong to
   - Groups inherit capabilities of their parent groups

Access control

   - Built-in access control that allows to restrict access to posts, pages
   and custom content types to specific groups and users only
   - control access to content by groups: shortcodes allow to control who
   can access content on posts, show parts to members of certain groups or to
   those who are not members Shortcodes: [groups_member], [groups_non_member]
   - control access to content by capabilities: show (or do not show)
   content to users who have certain capabilities Shortcodes: [groups_can],
   - Groups defines some capabilities of its own. The groups_read_post
   capability is used to restrict access to certain posts or pages to groups
   (and users) with that capability only.

Looking forward to get your feedback, Cheers :-)

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