[wp-hackers] Too much text in pre tag causes failure to generate page

Brandon Andrews warcraftthreeft at sbcglobal.net
Sun Jan 15 05:00:19 UTC 2012

I was writing an article on my blog with a huge code dump at the end inside of a 
pre tag. I noticed that this breaks wordpress. This is 100% reproducible by 
pasting http://pastebin.com/6m3RVGbr into a post then hitting preview (You can 
use blank pre tags. I just had stuff in them for a syntax highlighter plugin. It 
doesn't generate a page even with all plugins disabled anyway).

I believe it's caused because there's over 64 KB of data in the pre tags. 
Talking to someone in the IRC and they said:
"looks like there's a preg_replace_callback called clean_pre, probably that's 
what's failing due to size
 basically, probably wpautop()'s fault"

For some reason wordpress won't verify my account to submit bugs so someone said 
I could try here. If someone wants to submit a bug for this I'd greatly 
appreciate it.


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