[wp-hackers] prefix vs postfix - pros and cons

Ryann Micua ryannmicua at gmail.com
Wed Feb 22 22:28:28 UTC 2012

Watch out for short 2 letter prefixes. since they'll be more popular 
like "bp" for buddypress.

anyway, it doesn't matter.

wp using prefix instead of postfix is most probably due to convention 
first of all. because everybody usually does it that way. In fact I'm 
pretty sure they didn't even think about which they should use, prefix 
or postfix, because its assumed. I'm not saying that just because the 
majority does it then it must be right. but what I'm trying to say is 
that this is one of those things where following convention is overall 
more beneficial coz I don't really think the benefits from either prefix 
or postfix matter much. Just like using dashes or camel case. or 
capitalizing the first letter of classes and methods not.

THis is where "go with whatever the team feels comfortable in using" and 
in if you are developing a library that you're planning to release to 
the wp community then your team would be the community who by convention 
will be used to prefix. actually most programmers would probably be used 
to prefix..

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