[wp-hackers] The Loops plugin - feedback needed

Ulrich Sossou sorich87 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 17 16:28:34 UTC 2012

I just released a new version of the plugin The Loops and would like to get feedback from the community.

The Loops allows you to query the posts (and postmeta) table and display the result in your theme without writing any php code.
In short, it is an UI wrapper for WP_Query. (It is a would-be Drupal Views for WordPress ;)).
It can be downloaded from the repository: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/the-loops/.

The goals are:
- an easy to use UI
- a very powerful solution (99% of use-cases, I think current version already cover that)
- work out of the box with any theme
- easy to get started with (not plenty of shortcodes to learn, no modification to the theme files, etc. unlike other similar plugins)
- easy to extend/integrate with other plugins

What I would like to get feedback on:
- The concept: do you think the plugin is useful? why not? (I would really like to hear the arguments against)
- The UI: do you think it is friendly enough to use (especially for novice users)? do you see anything that could be improved?
- The custom template system : does it make sense? is it something you would implement in your themes? do you have a better idea?
- The code: do you have any suggestion to make it more extensible/flexible?
- Any feature suggestions.

Thanks for your time!


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