[wp-hackers] track activity of user engagement in plugins

Nuno Morgadinho nuno.morgadinho at gmail.com
Tue Feb 14 15:43:57 UTC 2012

I'm developing a commercial plugin where I would like to track the
user engagement, namely the following metrics would be nice:

- how much time has the user spent playing with my plugin since plugin
activation ;
- what is the normal usage of the plugin (once a month? once a week?
once a day?) ;
- while navigating through the plugin does the user go back and forth
a lot of does he follow a certain pattern?;
- etc.

This has the purpose of measuring the extent to which a user has a
meaningful experience when using the plugin.

I'm unsure of what one would use to do this kind of thing, Google
Analytics? Something else? I've been researching this and couldn't
find anything related. Any input appreciated.

Nuno Morgadinho

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