[wp-hackers] Ajax requests, admin-ajax.php and the WP_ADMIN constant

24/7 24-7 at gmx.net
Fri Feb 10 13:55:00 UTC 2012


After re-reading your mail several times, I guess I now understand.

* Check if DOING_AJAX is true, if not: don't do anything
* hook the wp_ajax_* and wp_ajax_nopriv_* actions always

To clarify: I loaded several modules from my functions.php file. In the 
bootstrap I used there, I simply divided into modules that I need on the 
front-end and other I need on the back end/admin UI. I wrapped the whole 
stuff into 

a) an if/else is_admin() statement and
b) a /theme_root/admin/module_name_a/files*.php and a 
/theme_root/public/module_name_b/files*.php folder

The goal was to avoid possible conflicts between admin and public code. My 
"problem" is, that I have several ajax calls in public files, which didn't 
work as I already killed them when loading the modules as they were inside 
! is_admin().

Last Q: Why do we need WP_Admin set to TRUE on top of admin-ajax.php?

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