[wp-hackers] How to familiarize with Code Base ?

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> I have by this time knowledge in plugin writting ,but I would like to get
> familiarised with the code base of WordPress . So Where should I begin ,
> could any body suggest an source tree ?
Brian's links to the Codex are probably where you should start if what you
want to do is understand how plugins work. Also pick a popular plugin and
look at it's code and use the Codex to try and understand all the parts.

If what you want is a simple way to surf the raw source the most
entertaining way is a PHPXref of the project. An Xref is an auto-generated
website created by a script that reads the source and creates interlinked
html of all files, functions and variables, so you can click on a function
being used to see where it's defined as well as where else it gets used.
Peter Westwood maintains the most canonical PHPXref of WordPress trunk that
I know of:


An even better way is to get WP loaded up in a serious IDE (programming
editor) like netbeans.org, at which point the source files themselves
become navigable like in the Xref.

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