[wp-hackers] Just a basic "how can this be accomplished?" question.

Nop nopalot at iplace.at
Sun Feb 5 13:43:45 UTC 2012

could you please help me by supplying a short sketch for a plugin that
performs the steps described below? 
What I need is just a short list of steps that are required. Something
in the form of:
    1. do this to accomplish....
    2. use this function for that... 
    3. do/use this because...

Here's what the plugin should do:
1. Add a global javascript variable to the output html page.
2. Add/Load a javascript file at the output html page.
3. Add/Load a css file at the output html page.
4. Do the above steps only at one particular wordpress page.
5. Do it in the fastest possible way, but I do NOT like to modify any
wordpress or template files, as I'm aiming for a stand alone plugin.

Knowing what steps I have to do and in what order they have to be done
to accomplish this plugin would help me very much.
I'm grateful for any advice, 
Thank you!

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