[wp-hackers] Problems setting publication date with newPost and perl WordPress::XMLRPC

Bryan Wright bkw1a at ayesha.phys.virginia.edu
Thu Feb 2 15:44:12 UTC 2012

Hi folks,

     I'm trying to use Leo Charre's WordPress::XMLRPC perl module to create new
posts that have publication dates in the past.  (I'm going to import some old
posts.)  Everything works fine except setting the publication date.  No matter
what I do, the publication date is always now, instead of the date I specify. 
Here's an excerpt from the code:

use WordPress::XMLRPC

my $postid = $wprpc->newPost({
    title       => $title,
    description => $body,
    pubDate     => $gmtisodate,
    categories  => ["News"]

I've tried several different date formats, and they're all accepted without
complaint, but the results are the same.

     Any advice would be appreciated.


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