[wp-hackers] Are depreciated items ever removed from core

Andrew Nacin wp at andrewnacin.com
Thu Dec 6 04:07:05 UTC 2012

On Wed, Dec 5, 2012 at 10:37 PM, CloudPress Hosting <
cloudpresshosting at gmail.com> wrote:

> I was looking at using my-hacks.php I have a very specific use-case where I
> need to write a mu-plugin but I cannot have it in wp-content wither the
> other plugins. I am hosting sites for clients and they have access to
> wp-content to manage their own plugins, themes, ect. I need to add
> functionality where they cannot access the code. I considered writing an
> mu-plugin which just includes another file outside of wp-content where the
> actual code would reside but I don't want the clients removing it. I was
> just going to hack core to include a file in the root WordPress directory
> where all the plugins are loaded and saw the reference to my-hacks. At
> least until that gets taken out all together I can avoid hacking core I
> figured and just was wondering what the chances of it being removed are.

my-hacks?! Wow, was not expecting that one.

We almost removed my-hacks all together a few versions ago. Every time I am
reminded of its existence, I am reminded I have always wanted to remove
it. Wouldn't be surprised if we actually do it one time.

First off, mu-plugins doesn't need to exist inside wp-content. It can exist
elsewhere, you can set it with WPMU_PLUGIN_DIR and WPMU_PLUGIN_URL in

Or, since you expressed a preference for them to still control mu-plugins
(why, I'm not sure, it's really designed for this kind of advanced usage),
you can simply specify your own custom directory, then have that directory
additionally include everything in wp-content/mu-plugins, just like core

The only thing you'd need to do is filter plugins_url() (where
WPMU_PLUGIN_URL is used), to ensure that any instances of plugins_url() in
their mu-plugins point to the right place. Or, define DIR in one place
(yours) but URL in the other place (theirs), and make sure any plugin_url()
calls you have in your mu-plugins work. So:

define('WPMU_PLUGIN_DIR', '/secret-plugins' );
define('WPMU_PLUGIN_URL', '/wp-content/mu-plugins' );
and copy-paste-modify the directory-traversing code
from wp_get_mu_plugins().

You still need to be careful about file permissions, of course. They can
easily run PHP code to locate that file, read it, and depending, edit it.
They could also run PHP code that unhooks it or otherwise mitigate what
your code does.

So, the lesson is: don't let users run untrusted code if you want a closed
environment. Really not sure how we got here from my-hacks.php and
deprecated functions, but here we are. (Please be a bit less obtuse
and ambiguous when posting to the list.)


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