[wp-hackers] Can't seem to override more link

Micky Hulse mickyhulse.lists at gmail.com
Fri Aug 31 18:26:37 UTC 2012

Working on a custom theme... We're using <!--more--> in the posts.

Long story short, I'd like to modify the class that's applied to the href:

<a class="more-link"

On the template:

<?php the_content(); ?>

I've setup a function to override the excerpt:

add_filter('excerpt_more', 'crazy_excerpt_more');

That does not seem to work... All I get is "(more...)" output on my page.

I assume the "excerpt_more" does not apply to <!--more--> via
the_content() function?

I've read through the docs, but I'm having troubles piecing things
together. Any tips and/or pointers would be great!


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