[wp-hackers] the home.php problem: does it asks for a, posts.php?

Ryann Micua ryannmicua at gmail.com
Wed Aug 29 12:58:32 UTC 2012

> Hi, Ryan
> I'll take that as a joke.;)  If you read all the messages you certainly
> know that, though Leo made a confusion between home.php and front-page.php,
> he knows the template hierarchy as he's an experienced WordPress
> developper, and so am I. Otherwise, I'd say you're quite conceited, weren't
> you? :P

Sorry if I came across as conceited. that wasn't my intention ;) of 
course I understand if you feel that way if you're sort of being 
"lectured to" with you guys already experienced and all (and I'm not 
being sarcastic here promise).. so yeah, that was how I saw it, someone 
who seemed to mix front-page.php and home.php and didn't seem to fully 
understand what it did..

but totally my fault, and I'm sorry for my confusion.

> But at the same time we think the site shouldn't
> be so vulnerable to mistakes.

So, now that's cleared up (I hope) what would be the ideal way to assign 
content to the homepage? Would it be possible to make it so that 
deleting an important page (such as a page assigned as the front page or 
blog) triggers a warning popup or something? would that at least 
decrease the chances of important pages being deleted?

And yes, I just had a client do this to me 3 months a go.. it's not nice.

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