[wp-hackers] the home.php problem: does it asks for a posts.php?

Vinicius Massuchetto viniciusmassuchetto at gmail.com
Wed Aug 29 11:08:23 UTC 2012

2012/8/28 Cátia Kitahara <contato at catiakitahara.com.br>:

>> Nevertheless, the use case you describe is not one that is shared by the
>> vast majority of WordPress users, and the ability of the Theme to dictate
>> what appears as the site front page would be detrimental to that vast
>> majority.
> I wouldn't say the vast majority, I'd stick with just majority. If you've
> seem the 2012 WordPress Survey results, you know that there's a great
> amount of people outhere using WordPress to build sites for large
> businesses, government, non profits, etc.
> http://www.slideshare.net/photomatt/wordpress-state-of-the-word-2012 slide
> 85 (I don't know the accuracy of this graphic, but it seems it's almost
> half/half).
> But it's not the point, we're not talking about themes made to be
> distributed to the vast or just the majority, we're talking about themes
> that are made exclusively to a client. It's not detrimental to anybody if
> it's what the client asked and paid for.

IMO, functionalities that made possible the use and adaptation of
themes by agencies are responsible for a reasonable amount of
WordPress' popularity. I wouldn't <only> count users that had setup
their installations to define the viability of introducing a new
feature, specially if it will not affect all users.

Vinicius Massuchetto

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