[wp-hackers] the home.php problem: does it asks for a posts.php?

Cátia Kitahara contato at catiakitahara.com.br
Tue Aug 28 22:06:00 UTC 2012

Hi, everyone,

I'm Cátia, from Brazil, I'm new here, but this discussion interests me,
because I agree with Leo.

As a theme developer, what Im looking for is a way to force what will be
> displayed in the front page and where the visitor will find the blog.
> It's not the purpose of the *Theme* to dictate what is displayed on the
> front page. That is a decision for the end user, and the end user alone.

You're assuming that this end user is the kind who's got a personal blog or
small business site that he himself maintain, who might want to change the
theme whenever he wants from the admin. But if you suppose this end user is
a bigger client who paid us to develop his site, from the information
architecture to the deploy, he is indeed paying someone to dictate what is
displayed on the front page, this decision is done beforehand, so he
wouldn't want to let this option open to anyone with access to the admin to
change it. Do you understand what I mean?
That's our worries!

Cátia Kitahara

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