[wp-hackers] Clustering WordPress

Ryan Hellyer ryan at pixopoint.com
Tue Aug 21 11:02:16 UTC 2012

> I'm looking for something that will conditionally store on S3 (and work on
> multisite).

Mine is designed to work specifically with multi-site. It does
actually upload to the main server though first rather than bypassing
it. You then need to delete it from the main server afterwards, so
it's not an ideal solution.

If you look at the file URLs on http://ryanhellyer.net/ you will see a
number listed in the URLs. That number is the blog ID. You could setup
a separate CloudFront instance for serving each blogs files from a
different domain if you wanted. I haven't bothered with that step
though for my setup (too lazy to do new sub-domains for each site).

I'll upload my plugin somewhere later tonight and post back here with
the link (I don't have time right now as I'm at work).

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