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Hi John,

I've been part of two projects in which we have done this.

We've used a setup like this:

Loadbalancer which sends requests to 1+N webservers. The webservers are
using a mounted shared filesystem for wp-content/ data. We've used one
DB server with loads of memory.

Currently we're experimeting with this type of setup using
virtual-machines on a grid, no conclusive data on it yet though.

The first project was an external website linked to a tv program and had
to survive massive peaks of traffic in a short period of time, the other
is an intranet with in worst case scenario > 30K users at one time
hitting the homepage, but mostly less.

Some hints & tips

- Type of users: mostly read or both read/write (caching possibilities)
- DB is still single point of failure!
- Depending on the filesystem and how you implement the mount it could
be a single point of failure and cause performance headaches.
- Keep the total amount of http request as low as you can (performance)

Hope this helps,

ps: Would be awesome to have a group of WordPress 'big projects' get
together and share tips 'n tricks. My guess is that wordpress.com is not
the only big website using WordPress ;)


On 20-08-12 22:02, John Elliot wrote:
> Can you run WordPress with multiple front-end webservers and one backend
> DB? It seems to me like there would be a few complications in doing that
> with WordPress OOTB. Are there any initiatives to make WordPress scalable?
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