[wp-hackers] Redactor WYSIWYG Editor for WP

Brian Layman wp-hackers at thecodecave.com
Sun Aug 12 21:18:19 UTC 2012

On 8/12/2012 4:32 PM, Kevinjohn Gallagher wrote:
>> Kevinjohn I'm curious if your NS4/6 fans appreciated that their desire to support outdated systems should also increase their costs over update of browsers, possibly up to 3x and maybe even 10x?
> [..] For every year they supported the older browsers, they saved more money than I'll make in my lifetime.
> We geeks sometime forget that upgrading, heck CHANGE, has a cost associated with it (time / money / support / training ). Sometimes the cost of doing nothing, is less than the cost of change.

Well put!  It's one of the disadvantages of our industry's 
non-traditional job experience.  We just aren't exposed to that side of 
the business world.  Targeting and developing for small businesses 
exposes us to only aspect of business in general.  There are costs small 
businesses just don't have any concept of.  So you need to know who your 
client is targeting and if their main market is people who have IE 7 - 
you can't ignore it no matter what your thoughts on it are.  You also 
can't choose a Theme/Framework that doesn't support it either. It makes 
design and dev work more complicated and messy, but that's what the real 
world is after all.

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