[wp-hackers] Redactor WYSIWYG Editor for WP

Mike Schinkel mike at newclarity.net
Sun Aug 12 18:59:07 UTC 2012

On Aug 12, 2012, at 11:10 AM, Kevinjohn Gallagher wrote:
> Doesn't support IE7.Regardless of whether you or I like the browser; a large number of companies/organisations/educational-institutes still use this browser.
> Last year we answered an RFI where we were asked to support Netscape4/6.
> Apparently the client didn't actually care about NS4/6, but wanted to weed out the companies who would complain about Enterprise's not upgrading everyone to the latest version of every bit of software they use.23 companies didn't make it through to the RFP process on their answer to that question alone.
> On top of that any CMS that changed its layout / workflow significantly within a year of a previous release was deemed to be ruled out.
> I understand the desire to change these things; but honestly, there needs to be some benefit to the people using and choosing the software - otherwise we're just re-painting!

I love this post; real-world pragmatic concerns, something I feel too many people dismiss or outright ignore.

That said, Kevinjohn I'm curious if your NS4/6 fans appreciated that their desire to support outdated systems should also increase their costs over update of browsers, possibly up to 3x and maybe even 10x?  I completely agree that technologists should be more willing to embrace real-world considerations, but I often find that clients want this but also want the same prices they would get if sites were simply coded for modern browsers, and I find that hypocritical.  

Supporting legacy browsers is not that different from writing mobile apps on multiple mobile platforms; it's a lot more complex and a lot more costly to make it all work. Have you found these companies who expect legacy support to be willing to pay significantly more to get it?


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