[wp-hackers] Advice regarding Custom Post Types and Taxonomies

Mike Schinkel mike at newclarity.net
Thu Aug 9 19:31:36 UTC 2012

Hi Mike,

We've got a lot of experience with this type of use-case can what you need is a way to relate posts.  We've got our own internal code for relating posts but hopefully Posts 2 Posts will give you what you need.


> On 8/9/12 10:18 AM, Mike Walsh wrote:
>> I am working on a new site for my daughter's soccer team and have decided
>> to use it as an opportunity to learn more about Custom Post Types and
>> Taxonomies.  I have the basics working - I have defined a post type for
>> players and another post type for teams and each have a number of custom
>> fields based on what the team wants to track for each player and at the
>> team level.  I have also defined a taxonomy for player positions so the
>> players can be looked at by position.  I am struggling with how to define
>> a roster for a team and connect the player CPTs to the team and/or roster.
>> Should the roster be a taxonomy or should the team CPT be hierarchical
>> and each roster is a child of the parent team?
>> My initial solution was to define the roster as a taxonomy as it makes it
>> very easy to assign each player to a roster (e.g. Fall 2012, Spring 2013,
>> Indoor 2012-2013, etc.).  But doing so doesn't really connect the players
>> to the team - for that I need to use a plugin like "Posts 2 Posts" or
>> reinvent the wheel which I'd rather not do.  So if I connect the posts,
>> does it make more sense to define the roster as part of a hierarchical
>> team CPT?
>> Right now I am doing this by trial and error as I learn more about post
>> types but with their first game a week away, I need to finalize my
>> solution.  I am hoping the collective genius of wp-Hackers has some
>> recommendations or can point me toward something similar that I can learn
>> from.
>> Ideally I'd like to end up with the ability to look back in time to any
>> roster which is defined to see which players were on the team at that
>> time.  There is a small chance that the site could grow to support more than
>> one team so I'd need to be able to differentiate the players who were on the
>> Fall 2012 roster of Team A versus the players on the Fall 2012 roster of
>> Team B.  I think a hierarchical post type would help me do this but I am
>> not sure if this is the best solution.
>> Thanks,
>> Mike

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