[wp-hackers] Customize user profile page

Dmitry Tokmakov dmitry at getmoxied.net
Mon Aug 6 21:02:24 UTC 2012

I currently have a theme I am working on that will allow registered WP user to edit several custom fields as part of their profile.  In addition I need to modify the current fields (change css, etc) as well as remove some of the existing fields which are rendering from core.

The current strategy I am thinking is to use code from edit-user.php, add-user.php, and users.php to create a plugin which will allow me to reskin and add new functionality to users.  Is this a good strategy for going about this?

I am just looking on some insight on best practice for modifying user profile page.

Open to any and all suggestions for this.

Thank you in advance,

Dmitry Tokmakov 


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