[wp-hackers] Superseding WordPress templates and globals

William P. Davis will.davis at gmail.com
Mon Aug 6 18:14:57 UTC 2012

So, I'm trying to clean up our WordPress template, which has quite a few
custom pages (as in page-my-page.php). I figured the best thing to do would
be to throw all those pages into a subfolder in my theme called pages and
then use template_redirect to check to see if a custom page template exists
in that folder.

When I do that, though, I lose access to all the globals such as $post and
any plugins that use classes. So, is there a better way to include the new
template or add a new place for WordPress to find a template than using
template_redirect? Is there a huge negative performance impact if I do
something like loop through all the globals and set it as a global inside
the function?


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