[wp-hackers] Wordpress beginer

Saša Pršir sashaprsheer at gmail.com
Mon Aug 6 11:37:29 UTC 2012

Hi wordpressors :-). I am Sasha and I'm starting with wordpress. Please 
fill me out with every tutorial possible on wordpress subject so I can 
easely start understandig you folks here :-). It's really urgent and 
important for me to get good with wordpress as soon as possible so I will 
be thankfull for every help I get.
I started with dashboard and implementing one theme from html to wordpress 
but that is not enough for now. I need more and lots more video tutorials. 
So if you now such website than great, share it with me I really love 
working with wordpress but it takes a lot of practice to start building 
websites on my own. Thanks again, Sasha Prsheer.

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