[wp-hackers] Can't find where <p> and <br /> tags are coming from

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Fri Aug 3 23:49:37 UTC 2012

WordPress automatically adds p and be tags to the content before you echo it. To get around that, either make your code into a shortcode (preferable) or remove all line breaks from your code. 

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I needed to hardcode a plugin that retrieves Picasa Album, it works ok but don't know why P e BR tags are appearing, I tried to strip_tags, trim etc and can't get rid of them. Echoing works but then gets out before anything else in site as always :(

I think is something wrong in php, but maybe something to do with xml?! Thanks for any help.

The bit that outputs code I changed a bit is:

  $html_gallery = '<ul class="gallery-list row">'."\n";

   foreach ($feed as $entry) {
    $title = $entry->getTitle();
    $summary = $entry->getSummary();
    $stuff = $entry->getMediaGroup()->getContent();
    $url = $stuff[0]->getUrl();
    $thumbnail = $entry->getMediaGroup()->getThumbnail();
    $tags = $entry->getMediaGroup()->getKeywords();
    $size = $entry->getGphotoSize();
    $height = $entry->getGphotoHeight();
    $width = $entry->getGphotoWidth();

    $html_gallery .= "\n \t".'<li class="gallery-item"><a href="'.$url.'" class="lightbox"><figure><img class="imgpicasa" src="'.$thumbnail[2]->url.'" width="'.$thumbnail[1]->width.'" height="'.$thumbnail[1]->height.'"/><figcaption></figcaption></figure></a></li>'; //SOMETHING WRONG HERE?

   $html_gallery .= '</ul>';

   $content = $html_gallery.$content;

    return strip_tags($content,'<ul><li><a><figure><figcaption><img>');

The wrong output (<br/> and <p> breaking layout :(  ):
<li class="gallery-item"><a href="http://lh6.ggpht.com/-C1JJV9zcwr8/TVms7N1oktI/AAAAAAAAAss/wFdr1BpCPys/DSCN1215.JPG" class="lightbox"><br />
<figure><img class="imgpicasa" src="http://lh6.ggpht.com/-C1JJV9zcwr8/TVms7N1oktI/AAAAAAAAAss/wFdr1BpCPys/s288/DSCN1215.JPG" width="144" height="108"/><br />
FULL PLUGIN CODE BEFORE MOD: http://pastebin.com/Zfasaz1J
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