[wp-hackers] Theme Customizer (adding header uploads, moving sections and controls, conditional blocks)

Tom Barrett tcbarrett at gmail.com
Fri Aug 3 07:42:07 UTC 2012


What I'm trying to achieve: I'd like to remove some of the core features,
move others and add my own. Using my section headers. And I have some
conditional options ('advanced').

Trimmed layout might look like this:

Header image upload
Header image text

Background loader

[Site colours]
Nav Background
{advanced selectbox - if ticked show the H settings}

Main Nav
Footer Nav

I tried moving things around using $ctrl = get_control('header_image');
$wpc->remove_control('header_image'); $wpc->add_control($ctrl,

I tried rebuilding header upload
using WP_Customize_Filter_Setting, WP_Customize_Header_Image_Setting,
as is done in core (adding in a section argument to my section). No dice.

The 'advanced' section is easy to do on a theme options page, as I can wrap
blocks in my own divs and show/hide them with jQuery. Is there a way i can
get some generic HTML into the customizer panel to do the same? Or am I
looking at some v.targetted jQuery?

Any pointers? I feel like I've missed something obvious.

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