[wp-hackers] featuring posts is a problem

Haluk Karamete halukkaramete at gmail.com
Mon Apr 30 22:23:14 UTC 2012

Let's say you have a category called "featured". and you use that to
feature posts. And the theme you have has a zone to show those
featured posts and has room to show the last 5 featured posts in

And you want to make the admin work as easy as possible to the degree
that you only want to find yourself checking the posts into that
"featured" category and you do NOT want to uncheck them later. You are
basically only checking, and never unchecking.

The problem is WP uses post_data to find out the most recent posts.
But then, what do you do when you want to feature a very old post? how
do you deal with that? Change the post_date?

If you were to select that post into the "featured" category, that
post is not going to make it into the top 5 because the other posts
that happened to be "featured" and more recent may easily be pushing
it down.

In this case, I got no choice but change the the post_date of the
article and this seems totally wrong to me. Because this definitely
messes the ARCHIEVE data integrity. Your 5 year old post will appear
as brand new.

What solutions are out there to address this problem?

I almost think that the wp_posts table should have a special field
called "post_feature_date".

If we were to use the "stick posts" feature, that's not gonna cut it
neither because remember, I'm only interested in checking things, NOT

If you got a simple blog, I do understand that this issue is not a
matter but if you are using the WP to the rim in managing a huge
portal, then you want to save every maintenance step as possible.

same question  is in case you prefer the answer there;

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