[wp-hackers] Multisites at different locations (neither domain-based, nor directory-based).

Дилян Палаузов dilyan.palauzov at aegee.org
Sat Apr 14 12:00:11 UTC 2012


On my server I host a multi-site Wordpress 3.3.1 installation.  The 
different blogs shall appear under different URLs, that cannot be said 
as just "directory-bases multi-site" or "domain-based multi-site".  E.g. 
the word press multisite was installed under the URL 
"http://example.org/~user1".  Then some blogs were added 
"http://example.org/~user1/blog1" and "http://example.org/~user1/blog2". 
  Now, the user bought a domain "blog2.org", so the blog2 shall be 
visible under "http://blog2.org", "http://www.blog2.org" and 
"http://example.org/~user1/blog2".  However wordpress stores the links 
(of the uploaded pictures) as absolute links, so if the link is stored 
as "http://example.org/~user1/blog2/article3", when viewed under 
"http://blog2.org" the link will redirect to 

This shall be further extended with a third blog, which shall run under 
http://blog3.blog2.org .

Is there a way for the webserver to pass to index.php appropriate 
parameters (blog main URL, and "article-properties", e.g. 
so that Wordpress generates the right links in the resulting page (not 
referencing to http://example.org/~user1/blog2, but to 
http://blog2.org), and does not store internally the absolute URLs.

If there is currently no way to achieve this, and you agree that such a 
feature would be nice, but nobody wants to implement it, can you explain 
what needs to be changed approximately in the Wordpress core to have 
this feature there?

Thanks in advance for your answer

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