[wp-hackers] Can Apache be used to Load Balance Wordpress

Joseph Pitts jpitts at hvc.rr.com
Wed Sep 28 18:02:23 UTC 2011

I'll try to be brief as possible.

I have set up 2 2008R2 servers each with WAMP 2.1 which uses Apache2.2.17.
On Server A the Apache document root and <Directory directive> has been
changed from the default to D:www. I installed WP 3.2 into this document
root in a directory called blog. The blog is working fine from the apache
2.2.17 instance on Server A. 

This [D:www]directory has been configured on Server A as both an NFS and
SAMBA share using File Services-Share and Storage management. 

On Server B, WAMP 2.1 Has also been installed and the Apache document root
in httpd.conf and the <Directory directive> is pointed at the Server A
document root [D:\www] using the UNC format of //Server A/www/. Apache is
also running on Server B as administrator to enable network access since the
Local System account has no network access.

Lastly I must state that all of this is located in a DMZ so there is no
'domain' or 'domain accounts' both servers are in workgoroup. So far I have
not been able to get Server B to serve anything from the document root on
Server A. Is this at all feasible???

I've already read that Apache cannot use a mapped network resource as
document root.

Is there any way for Apache to serve wordpress from a non local i.e. network
resource document root?

Also, these are vmware 4.1 U1 virtual servers running on iscsi san.


Thank You

Joe Pitts


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