[wp-hackers] How to let sub site admins import users sans Super Admin status on WP Network ...

Chuck Scott chuck at avantigroup.com
Tue Sep 27 03:46:53 UTC 2011

Hi - i posted thread below on WordPress.org earlier today but thought
i might do similar here in case others have wisdom about how best to
import new users into sub site of WP Network with the admin user doing
the new user import via sub site role of editor or admin but not super
admin .... thread below ... thanks in advance for any pointers that
can be shared ... cordially, chuck scott ...

thread started on Wordpress.org

CIMY User Manager Requires Super Admin on WP Network

Hi - i'm using the latest version of CIMY User Manager 1.1.1 on WP
Network with a handful of sub sites ... the plugin rocks when i am
logged in as Super Admin but if does not work for sub site when logged
in as admin ...

my goal was to have an Editor on Sub Site be able to upload users via
this plugin but the WP User Admin menu does not show for Editors so i
changed said user to Admin on Sub Site but still no go ... the Admin
user does see the User menu but the CIMY plugin does not appear - only
when logged in as Super Admin ...

accordingly, i'd like not to have to update this sub site user to
Super Admin on entire network just to use this plugin ... thus is
there a work around or hack ..??..

i thought i could modify this code

function cimy_um_admin_menu_custom() {
	global $cimy_um_domain;

	if (!current_user_can('edit_users'))

	add_submenu_page('users.php', __('Cimy User Manager',
$cimy_um_domain), __('Cimy User Manager', $cimy_um_domain),
"edit_users", "cimy_user_manager", 'cimy_um_import_export_page');

and change the current_user_can but nada ... even if i comment it out,
the CIMY menu does not get listed unless logged in as Super Admin ...
i suspect this might have something to do with hooking into users.php
and WP permissions for users but even when i tried to add custom role
of "manage_network_users" i still did not get anywhere hence this post

thanks in advance for any pointers that can be shared ... cordially, chuck scott

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