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Diana K. Cury dianakac at gmail.com
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I'm think taxonomies should do, but is ok to add soo much items like cities? 
Is there limit?!

I found quite easy to populate the terms using insert_terms, but there is 
someway to insert taxonomies within a prent one?!

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> On Sun, Sep 18, 2011 at 11:26 PM, Diana K. Cury <dianakac at gmail.com> 
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>> I'm using taxonomies for country States in my plugin, what could be te 
>> best approach for allow users to select cities?
>> There are a lot of cities, so taxonomies can handle this, at all? Or 
>> metadata should keep this?
>> Taxonomies could handle cities within (hierarchical taxos), but not sure 
>> if too much taxonomies will work.
> That depends on how you're using them.
> Are the names of these cities important *as data*? That is, are you
> displaying them, ordering by them, doing anything on the string of the
> city name itself?
> If so, then use meta instead. If not, then taxonomies are fine.
> Taxonomies are all about the *grouping* of the objects in them. If the
> group is more important than the label of the group, then taxonomies
> are the way to go. If the label itself is meaningful data in the sense
> of it being data that you're using in some other way, then meta is
> better.
> -Otto
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