[wp-hackers] Advertising on Plugin Option Pages

Mika A. Epstein ipstenu at ipstenu.org
Thu Sep 8 19:36:21 UTC 2011

Asking for donations is fine.  Even a call to action, so long as it 
keeps itself to the plugin admin page (i.e. it's not all over the main 
dashboard and doesn't interfere with normal WP usage).

The AdSense thing would be worthy of a Spock Eyebrow and a note to 
plugins at wordpress.org, IMO.  We are not the Google Police, but that 
ain't right.

On Thu, 08 Sep 2011 15:32:11 -0400, Jackson Whelan wrote:
> Howdy Hackers,
> I stumbled across a plugin from the repository today with Google
> AdSense banners on the options page. With a call to action above it -
> 'Click here if you like this plugin.' - to boot!
> Obviously this is a little tacky (aside from violating AdSense's
> TOS), but I was just wondering if there's a policy here? Or maybe 
> this
> is more common than I realize.
> Not trying to rat anyone out, just genuinely curious.
> Thanks - Jackson
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