[wp-hackers] Best practices for updating plugin options network-wide

Dino Termini dino at duechiacchiere.it
Thu Sep 8 13:40:02 UTC 2011

Hi there,

I've developed some plugins that have full support for WPMU. As for most 
plugins out there, I have some options to keep track of, so I stored 
them in the "local" options table for each blog in the network 
(add_option, get_option). Now some users are asking me to implement a 
functionality to allow them to change/override the value of some of 
these options network-wide, while keeping the freedom for single blog 
administrators to further customize them. How would you implement this? 
How about a foreach ($blogids as $blog_id) ?

Also, I was looking at the documentation for edit_comment, and I see 
there's only one hook executed AFTER the comment has been edited. Would 
it be possible to have something like delete_comment / deleted_comment, 
or in other words two hooks, one executed BEFORE the comment is edited 
(useful to see what has been changed) and one AFTER? I could not find 
any tickets for this, should I add one to trac as a feature request?

Thank you,

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