[wp-hackers] Load page instead of including it

NewKind newkind at gmail.com
Fri Sep 2 10:29:12 UTC 2011

Well it's just a landing page that would be displayed when user is using an unsupported page.
There are no loops or any particular content besides the hardcoded one, but what I'd like to have
on that page is the support for plugins to load theirs stuff, and wp header with wp footer.

So it's a page with hardcoded html code + content, but dynamically generated headers.

The way from integrating external pages with wp would be ideal but just like I said, there are issues
with including the wp-blog-header.php file on different environments. I don't want to use pages + page
templates as this strictly depends on users content.


On 2 wrz 2011, at 12:18, Dion Hulse (dd32) wrote:

> You're best NOT loading the theme file (or a plugin file for that matter)
> directly.
> The "standard" way is to just use a Page Template and assign that to a page,
> The next option is to use a custom query var, and/or a a WordPress rewrite
> rule, ie. catch $_GET['my-query=var'] on template_redirect, and load your
> page directly (ie. don't run get_header()/get_footer() in the template file
> you include).
> There's a few other options depending on what you're actually doing.. For
> example, Custom RSS feeds can be defined, as well as using admin-ajax.php
> (it has logged in, and not-logged in actions).
> Maybe you could give some details and someone can suggest the best method?
> On 2 September 2011 20:13, NewKind <newkind at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I was wondering if theres something like load_template that would replace
>> the whole content instead of just including the provided file.
>> I'm trying to redirect user (on a certain conditions) to a custom php file
>> located in the theme directory. The issue is that to do that the WP way,
>> i need to use require_once and point it from the theme directory to the wp
>> directory. The require_once('../../../wp-blog-header.php'); doesn't work,
>> and since WP isn't initialized - I don't have access to such constants like
>> Maybe one of you knows a better way to do this …
>> Thanks!
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