[wp-hackers] WordPress in the Enterprise

Mike Bijon mike at etchsoftware.com
Mon Oct 31 21:14:55 UTC 2011

I think you're generalizing your own enterprise use case to be indicative
of all use cases. I wouldn't normally spend time on this, but you're trying
to create doubt based on something very specific.

Instead of agitating for the core team to make these changes for you, why
don't you submit feature requests to Trac and organize the community to
make them? Or, write a plugin that solves this for an enterprise shop. Then
you'd have the right to sell it for $$$. Plus, since the core team doesn't
think this is a necessary change, you wouldn't need to worry about them
building it in.

Enterprise Worthy?:
In recent years WordPress has become a very enterprise-worthy platform
*and* a better platform for all users (not just the enterprise). The core
team steered that direction, and WordPress proliferated while many
"enterprise systems" have not. Even if you disagree with core now, your use
of WordPress shows some endorsement of past decisions.

We've probably all wanted something added to WordPress that took a while or
maybe still isn't built. So, WordPress may not solve all your problems
out-of-the-box, but it is enterprise-worthy. Plus we can customize it
at-will (unlike some enterprise platforms where you need to negotiate a
customization contract).

Besides, enterprise software will always need heavy customization. That's
part of doing business, every enterprise (& any-size business) has their
own ideas. If enterprise/business isn't always that way, then hope you work
for the company that eventually solves a business problem out-of-the box.
They'll put everyone else out of work.



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