[wp-hackers] UniversVideo

Braydon ronin at braydon.com
Mon Oct 31 11:51:02 UTC 2011

More than two years ago I was working on a plugin for HTML5 video for 
WordPress, so don't hold it against me since. I've since not maintained 
it. However I wanted to draw some attention to it in hope that someone 
is interested to refresh it, and bring in their own experience.

It's not in the WordPress repository because it didn't feel it was 
appropriate since it's not exactly very friendly to use. It requires an 
FFMPEG custom compiled for the for the MP4 part, in addition to 
FFMPEG2Theora. It's possible also support WebM which has become 
available, but isn't setup for that currently.

I'm bring this up now because I've just realized that HTML5 videos are 
showing up as video in search results, and there are lot of benefits 
other than ethics. Such as video that works across feed readers, in 
addition to mobile (no flash), and HTML5 video just plays so much 
smoother, and resumes to the correct time when navigating away and back 
to the page. Small things.


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