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Andrew, does it really matter either way? I mean, we all run sites and some of us run huge sites with massive content dependencies.  I've never run into a problem with the URL's being coding in the database despite having migrated million page sites so I'm not sure why this is such a big deal. If it is a huge issue for you, you can quickly run this code once (http://thisismyurl.com/6178/replace-absolute-urls-wordpress-database/) and solve your issue or include it as part of the edit_post hook and run it every time a post is saved. 

On 2011-10-30, at 5:10 PM, Andrew Gray wrote:

> I have had this argument on this list many times and in person with WP
> core people.   I was told to my face, that they would never remove the
> URLs from the content.
> Here are my opinions.
> 1.  Everyone who is against relative URLs is just being obstinate
> because they have defended their position so many times.
> 2.  People who say you just download the DB and change it have never
> worked with a major client or done any enterprise development with
> WP.  Some of my clients DBs are over 4GB.  It is a ton of fun to
> reupload that.   Change the url via SQL breaks all the serialized
> arrays with urls in it.
> 3.  The development > staging > production and review process is on of
> the reasons I have started using Code Ignighter for my bigger
> projects.   I had too many middle of the night deployment issues with
> for my clients that require zero downtime.
> 4. The processor cycle argument is silly.   CPU is so cheap today.
> I love wordpress and thank everyone for being helpful on this list,
> but I can not understand why we can't just have the code use the
> SITE_URL and let it be stored in one place.    Make it a config
> value.  If you do not want to use it, you can ignore
> The objections are just so weak, I assume it is just pride at this
> point.
> Andrew
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