[wp-hackers] Two new, long-overdue plugins to make your wordpress life a little easier...

Mike Little wordpress at zed1.com
Sun Oct 30 11:11:33 UTC 2011

On Sat, Oct 29, 2011 at 21:33, Marcus Pope <Marcus.Pope at springbox.com>wrote:

> Mike, app urls do not have to change or be post processed. With
> root-relative urls you inherently do not specify http or https on links
> returned to the browser and the browser will maintain that ssl connection
> for you, guaranteed. In the event that someone navigates directly to an
> http url when they should have gone to https wordpress already does a
> redirect to the proper scheme.
> They do not apply to back end functions only. Install my plugin and browse
> a front end page. You will see just how often they are called with a simple
> debug statement to your error log. get_site_url and others in that patch
> are universally executed functions (front and back.)
> Hope that information helps you find what I'm referring to.

I understand what you are *now* referring to, but the major thrust of your
argument at the beginning of these threads, and the major objections to it
were about *content* urls. Now by your own admission, you understand that
they are not post-processed, and so our objections to relative urls in
content are valid.

Now you are only talking about WordPress's own system urls and they are
generated on the fly anyway (which is why I say they change from
installation to installation), regardless of whether they are generated
with or without domains.

Mike Little

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