[wp-hackers] Potential Solution for Absolute vs. Root Relative URLs?

Scott Kingsley Clark scott at skcdev.com
Sat Oct 29 01:23:15 UTC 2011

I've been reading this all day, and the only thing I'm so confused
about is why the heck the solution can't simply be:

1. Add hooks where needed to enable/disable the absolute functionality
2. Those same hooks above could also be made on any place the url is

We don't care what the output is, just append it with
bloginfo('wpurl') or bloginfo('siteurl') and boom it's good. Relative
links should be forced to the root of the site, that's no problem in
my eyes (WP installed in sub-directories).

Besides all that Mike said (that makes sense, as opposed to the
blanket no from everyone opposed to relative URLs), all people like me
care about is the DB, keep the DB clean of absolute URLs and that's
the solution. I keep seeing the comment about "what about if it's in a
book" or "what about rss", that's all trivial -- the solution is to
output the siteurl / wpurl any place the URLs would be expected, like
in get_permalink, etc... or even on src="/relative/url/img.jpg" and
href="/relative/url/page/", that's simple as pie. Just give us more
than what we've got, don't force us to hack WP to do what we want,
give us an option (yes, we are numerous) that makes it easy for us NOT
to hack but gives everyone else what they want too (implement better
hooks, etc).


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