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Lee, I don't have your message in my inbox to directly reply to because I just signed up on this list.  So I'm replying to Ken's.  Ken's suggestion won't actually solve the problem for you, it gets you close, and you'll think it's working but there are a number of internal issues you'd run into that would cause you headaches. 

However, it sounds like what you're really after is a root relative url plugin.  I'm 90% complete with publishing one.

Keep an eye on it for next week:


You'd be able to use just one install and access it from as many domains as you wish.


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As almost all the content, will be similar (translations), and all the code (Core, Plugins, Themes) will be the same, a better route then MultiSite probably exists.

You can use the requested domain as a switch
to protect for canonical redirection) to pull up the appropriate version of content. It might be tricky, as the translation has to be served with CPTs or Custom Meta Boxes, but it should be possible.
Using a single blog makes sense as the content isn't so much different, just translated. If it's actually different content, use MultiSite.

Would probably make a really popular plugin if it could be done.
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