[wp-hackers] Which editor do you use?

Nicky Hajal nicky at tumbledesign.com
Tue Oct 18 06:09:31 UTC 2011

For those that love VIM but miss the power of Netbeans, checkout jVi, a NB
plugin that brings in all the power of VIM. http://jvi.sourceforge.net/

Changed my life, truly.

Challenge is the Opportunity for Greatness

On Tue, Oct 18, 2011 at 1:49 AM, Martin Widmann <widmann.martin at gmail.com>wrote:

> I was using Coda until we had a training and the trainer brought my
> thoughts back on NetBeans. I have to say that it is absolutely PERFECT for
> all my needs. I wrote once on this mailing list how easy it is to set up
> debugging in NetBeans. It has nice code folding features. It helps me
> document the code. I can automatically format code to match the WP coding
> guidelines.
> And it also is the only IDE I know that allows me to separate my wp-content
> repository from the WordPress core updated through the official svn while
> still featuring all the code completion goodness as if they were in the same
> folder. Needless to say it features a great CSS editor and the ability to
> wonderfully code JavaScript (inkl. native jQuery support). And did I mention
> the almost perfect SVN integration, the full window editor and how
> wonderfully stable it is?
> It requires a bit more resources than Coda or TextMate, but they are all
> worth it.
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