[wp-hackers] Which editor do you use?

Eric Mann eric at eam.me
Mon Oct 17 21:30:47 UTC 2011

>  I heard about Visual Studio being the best thing on editing code, not sure
> if works nice with php and css tough. Also, some people recommend CodeBlocks
> etc

For the record, I spend 8+ hours per day coding in Visual Studio for my day
job.  But that's all .Net (C#) development.  For CSS, HTML, XML, JavaScript,
etc I absolutely love it.  It's a lot better than plan old text editors
because of intellisense (termed "intellicrack" by some of my co-workers).
 No guessing what methods/properties your objects have.  Fantastic for
working with .Net code, and it's got great extensions for JS, too.

I actually have jQuery intellisense built right in to the editor.

For PHP code, though, it's a far cry from perfect.  Microsoft hasn't taken
any steps to integrate PHP into the editor, and the third-party tools that *
do* pull in the syntax haven't proven (to me at least) that they're very
mature.  So when I build code for WordPress, I usually switch over to

Like VS, PhpStorm gives you intellisense support, but only for the code *in
your project*.  So if you want syntactic suggestions for core WP
functionality, you need to load the entire WP codebase in your project ...
rather than just loading the plugin or theme you're actively developing.
 There might be a workaround or two for this, but I haven't found them yet.

But if you're spending a lot of time working in an IDE, *any IDE*, make sure
you pick one that enables intellisense.  You'll thank yourself later. :-)

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