[wp-hackers] Converting 3 hightraffic websites (no downtime possible) to one Multi Install.

madalin niladam at gmail.com
Mon Oct 17 09:35:44 UTC 2011


I have 3 websites that i would like to convert to multi, but i'm
afraid i might encounter some issues/problems, and therefore i'll
state what options i have.

1. I have two dedicated servers (root access) and therefore i am able
to work on one of them without disrupting the websites' online
2. All the websites are on the same server.
3. All the websites will share its userbase.
4. Some of the plugins will also be shared accros installs.
5. I must state i've never tried to convert before.
6. Currently the websites sit on different accounts but they can be
moved to only one account.

If anyone can suggest an approach or THE best approach as i'm going to
try the conversion, but before i do it, i'd like some advices so i
won't break anything.



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